Welcome to Vibe Tribe Wellness!

Formerly known as the Gluten-Free Girlfriends, we have rebranded to reflect our true intentions with this project.  Don’t worry, the content will remain the same but our scope and identity has undergone a bit of a facelift (nontoxic, all natural, of course)! Yes, we are both gluten-free and yes our dietary restrictions have lead us to live healthier lives, but we rarely talk about being gluten-free therefore the name of our podcast was a little misleading.  Not to say we don’t love the catchiness of our nickname, GFGF, but we want to be real and authentic, and need to make sure this expands across everything we do.

So, you’re probably wondering “what are your true intentions?”  We’re glad you asked. Have you ever met someone who you instantly vibed with? This happens to us all of the time! You have a magical conversation, get chills all over, leave super excited, and then hope that you will one day connect again.  Aside from our individual platforms we didn’t have that ONE place where we could meet, albeit online, and share stories, experiences, tips, tricks, and struggles.  Our intention is to create that space.

We love all things spiritual, mystical, magical.  We hope you join our journey as we explore these realms together.

The foundation for Vibe Tribe Wellness is built upon 5 pillars.  Discover more here.

You can also learn more in our recent podcast episode here.