Temporarily Closed for Spring Maintenance

written by: Kayla Saint-Onge

Have you done a digital detox lately? Or tried journaling or meditation?

Disconnecting, unwinding, and regrouping seems to be a really popular health trend right now, and for good reason! With all the many ways we are so connected, whether it be in-person, on social media, or out at your favourite spin class, we are always ‘on’.

This past weekend, I experienced a major ice storm. It wasn’t one of those storms where it’s really bad for like 2-3 hours and then it finally lets up. No. This one, literally has been going for two days straight and isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

It got me thinking though. Because, this storm put a wrench into my weekend plans. Being the type A that I am, I naturally had a packed filled weekend, with a laundry list of to-dos, places to go, and people to see. But that all came to a halt when I woke up Saturday morning to freezing rain, with blistering winds.

Instead of trying to fight the weather, and just go on with business as usual, I decided to take a different approach and go with the flow. I let the ease of the cool weather pass over and accept that all of my out-and-about plans may just have to wait and took this storm as an opportunity to stay in, take rest, and be present.

Being present.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s definitely an easier said than done approach. This weekend taught me a really great lesson, and one that I am familiar with being taught. It reminded me of my old hospital days, when I was bedridden due to my ulcerative colitis. I had no wifi, I didn’t even have an iphone at the time (BB was where it was at). But what I did have, were books, music, and I had ME. That was the most important thing of all! Myself! I had my mind, my thoughts, my breath, and my intentions. And I learned to really harness this as a powerful tool.

It’s pretty amazing what will come to you if you stop, and just be present. To remove all distractions, and just BE in the moment. I learned so much about myself during this time because I spent so much of it alone, reflecting, and going inward; listening to the soft whispers that my body was trying to tell me.

It told me so many things, including that I was worthy, loved, and that my body would heal and get better. It reassured me that even though this was a difficult time, I would be taken care of and there was nothing to fear.

I learned the importance of journaling, affirmations, meditation and prayer. And how music can be so powerful in raising your vibrations.

So, when this storm hit and basically wiped out all my plans and forced me to stay indoors, I had a choice: I could have seen Mother Nature as the enemy, ruining a perfectly good Spring weekend. Or, I could come to terms with the weather and appreciate it for all it was giving me. A peaceful, restful weekend indoors, including more time with family and of course me!

I was able to get some much needed tasks completed, that were as equally important as some of my other to-dos. I took the weather as a gentle reminder to be present and practice gratitude. Because, like my body, the weather was also trying to tell me something. It’s what we choose to do with these subtle queues that makes all the difference!


Journaling: The Five Minute Journal

Affirmations: Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Body

Spiritual Growth: Anatomy of The Spirit

Spiritual Growth: John of God


Kayla Saint-Onge is a Registered BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) Practitioner and Holistic Nutritionist. Her experience as a BIE Practitioner is one of her primary modalities in helping her clients achieve balance. She works with clients on a variety of stressor related symptoms such as digestive issues, hormone imbalances, food and environmental sensitivities and chronic fatigue.

Kayla believes that every individual has their own unique energetic makeup and thus heals differently. She is extremely passionate about helping individual’s discover the root cause of their symptoms so that they can achieve balance within their body in order for it to heal itself.

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