Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Written by Becka Crowe

You don’t go anywhere without a full charge on your cellphone, so why would you go anywhere with uncharged crystals? In order to vibrate at their highest capacity, your crystals need to be properly cleansed and charged.

Cleansing Crystals:

Whether you’ve just obtained your first crystals, have been using them for some time or even if they have been left sitting around somewhere, it’s likely they need to be cleaned. Crystals absorb a range of different energies they have been exposed to, this could be by yourself or others who may have handled them and transferred various energies and emotions into them. Therefore, it’s important to ‘cleanse’ your crystals as soon as you obtain them and on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly depending on use). This cleansing process isn’t a per say ‘physical’ cleaning with soap and water, but rather, it’s intended to cleanse the stone of its stored energies,. Both good and bad energy can be released by the stone at any time and once it becomes loaded with a certain energy energy.  With all cleansing rituals it is important to set intent and visualize any unwanted energy leaving the crystals. For example, something like crystal necklace you wear each day can collect a lot of other peoples every throughout the day.

Ways to Cleanse :

  1. Holding the stone under running water is a very effective way of cleansing your stones
    • Certain stones like selenite cannot get wet or they will dissolve.
    • Stones like raw Quartz and Amethyst are fine to get wet, I like taking them in the bath with me to do this. Polished stones are also fine to get wet.
  2. Smudge with sage or palo santo
  3. Place in direct moonlight overnight

Programming & Charging Crystals

Crystals hold powerful, healing vibrations which you can use to help ease worries, bring luck, stimulate chakras, enhance your intuition + more! To program a crystal for specific use or with specific energies, sit quietly away from distractions or strong electrical devices and external energies, then hold the crystal in front of you, clear your mind and focus on the stone. Concentrate on the specific energy / intention that you wish to program the crystal with and transmit the energies and thoughts from your mind directly to the stone. I love doing this while in the bath or after meditating.

Hold your crystal, quiet your mind and offer your intention to the crystal such as

I wish to use this crystal to.” 

Ie. Relieve stress, promote creativity, block negative energy, have a restful sleep, attract abundance, protect your aura, promote good health, etc.

Then Choose a Charging Method:

  • Place the stone against a selenite wand
  • Place in direct sunlight or under a full moon
    • Note: Amethyst and Celestine shouldn’t be in sunlight – reduces colour
  • Place among the leaves of a healthy growing plant

Now your crystals are ready to use!

Where to Keep Your Crystals:

Wear your crystals, place them around your home, keep them in your pocket/purse or anywhere you’d like!

Examples where I keep my crystals:

  • My moonstone I’ve programmed with the intention of a restful sleep and good dreams – I keep it under my pillow.
  • Aquamarine is kept in my car for safety.
  • My quartz necklace is programmed to protect my aura from negatively, I wear it most days even if it’s tucked under a shirt
  • My quartz crystal I hold for focus and clarity during meditation

Get your crystals cleansed and vibrate higher!



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