How I Deal with Hormonal Acne

So, I have what would be known as hormonal acne. Can anyone else feel me on this?  This has been something I have struggled with on and off for the past few years and it has been a hit to the self-esteem many times.  As a teenager I was blessed with clear skin and I always prided myself on it, while many of my peers suffered. But around age 26 I began getting these really painful “heaters,” I call them, that were persistent, red and plain old ugly.  Being as I had never had issues before I was eager to try whatever it took to get rid of them ASAP.

I have tried everything from dermatological creams to natural remedies to diet changes to microdermabrasion facials to endless skincare products.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  Oh, and because I despise them so deeply, I am a picker.  Rule #1 is to never pick because what happens is scarring.  So now I suffer from hormonal breakouts + hyper-pigmentation (please send remedies for this if you have!).

Basically what I have learned through all the trial and error, is that you cannot predict nor prevent hormonal acne from occurring.  What I can do is take the best and more natural approach possible to zap them zits in the butt.  I am very careful to always wash my face or if I am removing makeup, I use coconut oil because it is antimicrobial and will kill off germs.  If there’s one that gets it’s way with me, then I am very careful not to pick as much as possible so that I don’t end up with more scarring than I currently have.

When my skin is clear, I am very diligent with cleansers, masks, scrubs, serums and oils in order to prevent as much as possible. In addition to no gluten, I am also dairy and sugar-free as best I can because I find these are major contributors to inflammation.

While everyone has different skin and different products work for everyone, I wanted to share what has most recently worked best for me in the hopes that it may work for someone else.  I am also very open to hearing other natural products or remedies you are using!

My Favourite Products

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

This is an OG in my books. Not only does it smell fresh, but it feels like it’s working with that tingly sensation.  It’s great for disinfecting the blemished area, especially if you’ve picked it, and drying the area out.  Be careful not to overuse it because over-drying the skin will actually encourage the zit to stick around longer.

Fresh Aloe Vera

Buying pure aloe is not only great for boosting blood flow to your skin and killing off harmful bacteria, in place of a cleanser!  But, I use it as a spot treatment to reduce redness and irritation and let me tell you it works very quickly.  It’s pretty amazing the power of plants versus synthetic, man-made products that cost a fortune.

Genestra Zinc Picolinate Formula Supplement

So this was a literal life changer when I was trying to pinpoint my acne issues.  For a long time I was getting those under-the-skin pimples that never reared its head but stuck around for longer than I wanted and hurt a lot.  It wasn’t until reading the book Woman Code by Alissa Vitti that I had a term for this: cystic acne.  She explained that often times cystic acne is a result of a zinc deficiency.  I began taking zinc picolinate and it helped immensely.  I take it regularly now, and it’s also great for immunity too!

Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner

The tannins in witch hazel make it a natural astringent.  I use this almost nightly as a toner and makeup remover.  It is great because it does not dry out my skin, like other over-the-counter brands do.  It’s a good product to add into your regular regimen.

Cocokind Turmeric Spot Treatment Stick

This is a recent discovery, but this stick is always with me now. It is comprised of  turmeric, ginger, and tea tree oil help fight acne-causing bacteria and balance skin tone.  It acts as a skin brightener too, as redness and hyper-pigmentation from acne persists.  Just be warned, the turmeric will stain, so if applying remember to wipe it off or it will get everywhere.

Province Apothecary Spot Treatment

This local company has some incredible skincare products that I can’t get enough of.  The spot treatment comes in handy when I am dealing with a breakout.  It helps to reduce redness and irritation.  It’s rather costly, but will last long if you’re using it only as zits pop up!

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