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We met online.  No joke, we were Instagram crushing all over each other for months and one day the universe conspired to bring us together, at a food event no less.  We instantly bonded over tacos and avocados and quickly became inseparable.  Our similarities were apparent from the beginning; ideas about health, meditation, spirituality, universal laws, and aspirations to build something bigger than ourselves.  Some might call it fate, we call it the Law of Attraction.  With each new struggle, triumph and endeavour, we encourage each other to be and do better.


Becka is the founder of Going Grainless, a site and Instagram dedicated to all things grain-free. After suffering with digestive issues from a young age and feeling failed by conventional healthcare, she began doing her own research and discovered the world of holistic health. Swapping glutenous packaged foods for real food was the first major change she made, which resulted in no longer needing the prescriptions drugs she was taking daily. Since healing herself naturally, Becka has dived deep into other healing modalities for the body, mind and soul including; mindfulness, meditation, kundalini yoga and crystals. Follow her on Instagram to see her cooking adventures and delicious recipe inspo.




Rachael is the founder of GlutenFreedomInc.com, a site dedicated to cooking, dining, traveling and living gluten-free. She has become a useful resource for those looking for solutions to their gluten-free lifestyle. Rachael is also passionate about leading a balanced life through regular fitness, eating whole foods, and practicing mindfulness and self-care regularly.  Follow her on Instagram for delicious mealtime inspiration, mindful tips & holistic hacks.



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