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Ep 48. From Strip Club to Self-Love with Gillian Brown


What is Radical Self-Love?

“Learning to be there for yourself in the way you’ve always wanted or needed someone else to be.”  – Gillian Brown

Master Self-Love:

“Choosing, despite what’s going on, choosing what feels good and right for you. Not just pleasure seeking, but what is going to serve your best long-term. It’s about discovering what our truth is and going to extremes to honour it.”  – Gillian Brown

Show Notes:

Gillian is a Self-Care Teacher, inspiring and empowering others to set themselves free from insecurities and limiting beliefs to using simple but powerful healing practices. She shares her message of holistic health, spirituality, yoga, and self-love through her writing, mentoring, transformational retreats and online courses. Gillian has been featured on many influential media outlets including MindBodyGreen, DavidWolfe.com, BodyRock, and Elephant Journal.

Website: www.gillianb.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoginigillianb

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealgillianb/

Additional Show Notes:

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